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 Application for Mystic Lv 40 ATM

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PostSubject: Application for Mystic Lv 40 ATM   Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:32 am

IGN (In Game Name) - Ayne

Age - 17

Class in game - Mystic

MMO Experience - I've played lots of MMORPG played them from 2007, never played it for competitive PvP, the only one I did play for the PvP was Kal Online at Castle Wars.

Average time you play weekly - 3-4 hours per day. On weekends much more.

Play Preference -I like playing in group, and to be honest I can't do anything solo with a mystic.

What guild were or are you in and describe why you are leaving your guild (if you have one) to apply for Dreamers-
I'm not in any guild.

What are your strong points in MMO games - To learn playing any class fast and good.

Description of why you want to join Dreamers - Since I'm mystic I need to play in groups to do something. And also since this is guild and you are playing with teamspeak it's a lot more fun and people know what they're doing.
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Application for Mystic Lv 40 ATM
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