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 Application for Arhia, Slayer 60

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PostSubject: Application for Arhia, Slayer 60   Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:09 am

IGN (In Game Name) - Arhia

Age - 28

Class in game - Slayer

MMO Experience - Started to have some interests in MMOs quite recently. The very first one was APB reloaded, it was like a UFO for me and despite its many problems, it was fun for the most part.
Later I preordered GW2, but about a month prior to realease I decided to give Tera a try with the week trial, neeedless to say I was astonished by the combat system and the graphics, but didn't keep playing to try all the activities that was offered in GW2 (leveling, dungeons, sPvP, WvWvW, Guild monitoring etc...)
but now I'm back to Tera for a while Smile

Average time you play weekly - few hours per day

Play Preference - in group of course ! Even though I don't mind being on my own if I'm to find no member for what I'm doing.

What guild were or are you in and describe why you are leaving your guild - I was in Serenity with Astera and his friend Lunalouise, apart from the fun of it and the bank space there was no big reason to be in Serenity, so I left to apply to the Dreamers.

What are your strong points in MMO games - the ability to learn and adapt while maintaining a high priority on having fun. I also like to help answering new comers question when I can.

Description of why you want to join Dreamers - I first took notice of the Dreamers with your Vanarch post for Arcadia, then after reading more about it, I realised I enjoyed the spirit behind it.
Since I recently dinged 60, I was beginning to look for a solid structure to get the best out of it while still having fun, The Dreamers is the best option for me.
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Application for Arhia, Slayer 60
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