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 Application Form - Rules and Regulations!

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PostSubject: Application Form - Rules and Regulations!   Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:12 pm

Dreamers has been on the Balder server since day one and we are in the midst of recruitment players with unique talents and skills.
Please apply in the order as followed and please be honest:
Classes not being accpeted at this time: Warriors,Slayers,Bezerkers,Sorcerers.
Level requirement: 40+
Please read the Rules and Regulations and at the end of your Application, state that you understand and will uphold the rules of the guild.

IGN (In Game Name) -

Age -

Class in game -

MMO Experience -
(Games you have played in the past - Raiding or PvP experience - Total time playing MMO's)

Average time you play weekly -

Play Preference -
(Do you like to solo or are you into grouping with others)

What guild were or are you in and describe why you are leaving your guild (if you have one) to apply for Dreamers

What are your strong points in MMO games -

Description of why you want to join Dreamers -

Download TS and confirm that you have with our leader or an officer of Dreamers.

After filling out this basic application - Please look at the Rules and Regulations of Dreamers.

Rules and Regulations

1. Communication is a must - If you are spoken to, please respond, and if you speak to somebody you'll receive the same respect.

2. Help out your fellow guild members when you can - Do not be selfish with your time. This also means to be considerate of others time. Everyone cannot help everyone all the time, so plan when you can make yourself available or when you are on the receiving end to be helpped.

3. Teamspeak is a requirement of Dreamers - It is required of you to be on TS when you are login to TERA.

4. No Outlaws - We do not PK period. We want our guild to be a guild to help others from PKers.

5. Participating in End Game events that will be schedule in the near future. Members of Dreamers will be required to particate in these scheduled events when posted.

6. GvG - Guild Wars happen daily and guild members need to be partied together to overcome the enemies attacks. It is a recommended to help other guild members when a call out has been issued in guild chat.

7. Gold for the Guild - Please be aware that the guild may need investments from guild members. The amounts will not be a hinderness from your pockets,but it will be necessary for the guild if needed.

8. Respect your fellow guild members. This means no bad mouthing others when we aren't perfect.

9. Alts - Dreamers is looking to hold a Main Only Guild. Alt characters are few to none at this time.

Once your application is pending, an officer will review it and message you in-game for further details on you application.

Thank you.

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Application Form - Rules and Regulations!
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