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 Application: Zyepox lvl 60 Archer

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PostSubject: Application: Zyepox lvl 60 Archer   Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:51 am

IGN (In Game Name) - Zyepox

Age - 30

Class in game - Archer

MMO Experience - ugh have played alot of MMO... Wow, Rift, Swtor, lord of the rings online, guild wars 1-2. The most play time must bee wow had around 250days played on my main. Did do pvp in classic wow, not so much in the expansions. That was pve (raiding)

Average time you play weekly - 2-3hours in weekdays. 10+hours in weekends.

Play Preference - Like both typs of playing solo and grouping. Im a morning person so i realy enjoy the early mornings solo play. Group play is cool as well. Thinking back on all the hours raiding, trying a new instance with hole new bosses. that epic feeling when it finaly goes down. No games other than mmo can give u that...

What guild were or are you in and describe why you are leaving your guild (if you have one) to apply for Dreamers - guildless

What are your strong points in MMO games - Hmm im old now... Just turned 30, so i have tryed alot. Know what it means to spend endless hours on something, without getting a reward for it right away.

Description of why you want to join Dreamers - Realy whant to see the endgame of this game tbh. Have heard the last dungeons in HM is hard. Have yet to try them out hoping that will bee in Dreamers.

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Zyepox lvl 60 Archer   Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:56 am

+1 from me.I hope you get accepted
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Application: Zyepox lvl 60 Archer
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